Welcome to our agents and partners resource page. This page is designed to give you access to material and information that will help you market and sell urbanest accommodation to your students.

For agent enquiries, please contact china@urbanest.com

Application forms

Application Form (download PDF)

A5 Brochures

A5 Brochure – North Terrace (download PDF)

A5 Brochure – South Bank (download PDF)

A5 Brochure – Carlton (download PDF)

A5 Brochure – Cleveland Street (download PDF)

A5 Brochure – Quay Street (download PDF)

DL Flyers

DL Flyer – North Terrace (download PDF)

DL Flyer – South Bank (download PDF)

DL Flyer – Carlton (download PDF)

DL Flyer – Cleveland Street (download PDF)

DL Flyer – Quay Street (download PDF)